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Internet for Business in South Florida

Huge blow out Hosted VoIP user sale for 6-30 users. Expires February 1st, 2019.

$18.00 per user includes the following: free Polycom VVX 500, free auto attendant, free voice mail to e-mail, free calling in north America, Canada, Mexico & USA, free call recording, full call center features, free caller ID and more. 

Add an e-fax for $10.00 term plan required.

 Huge blow out sale on Hosted VoIP call path model; 4 call paths 10 extensions, Auto Attendant, unlimited calling in USA, Canada & Mexico, all the features of hosted voip $150.00 per month.

  Call us today and we will stop by and review the differences between Hosted VoIP Seat/User model and Hosted VoIP Call Path & extension model. If you need 8 or more phones but only 4 lines and a fax the call path model is normally a better value for your business. We can will assist you in analyzing your businesses communications needs and doing the math to determine which Hosted VoIP model makes more sense for your business.  

With so many options in internet for business, which one will allow your company to enjoy increased profits and productivity? That depends on a few factors, of course, but whatever those are, South Florida VoIP has the experience and the expertise to pinpoint which provider has the products and services that suit your business to a "T." Call our office in South Florida at (954) 394-0998 to book a FREE internet service analysis and recommendation.

Your One Stop Shop for Business Internet

South Florida VoIP has been in the telecom and internet business for over 25 years. That's given us the opportunity to amass a wealth of knowledge, and a multitude of connections, in order to provide you with the best internet for business solution on the market. We offer a number of different options for one stop shopping, including: 

  • Copper wire service from the big telecom companies 
  • I LEC's (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) or "Baby" Bells
  • Cable companies (triple and double plays)
  • C LEC's (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers)

Call today to speak to a South Florida telecom expert and schedule a sit-down to weigh the pros and cons of all of the above and then some.   

What Do You Need?

When you work with South Florida VoIP, you'll work with a seasoned business internet and telecommunications professional who will take the time to ascertain your unique needs and priorities. They typical questions we'll ask during your FREE needs audit are:

  • Do you need unlimited calling locally or nationwide?
  • Do you want Caller ID? If so, do you want Deluxe or Basic Caller ID? 
  • Would you like to have the option of hunting rollover? 
  • How about 3-way or conference calling? 
  • Call forwarding? Remote call forwarding? What’s the difference? 

Since all of these items make a difference in your final total monthly cost, we’ll delve deep into your daily work routine and determine if these services would be an asset or a hindrance to your employees, and your bottom line.   

A Clear Picture of the Big Picture

So, you think your small business is ready to make the leap from land-line to cloud-based phone service. That's great, but have you verified whether your current internet service can handle the increased demand on the local bandwidth? If you're not sure, you need to schedule a consultation with South Florida VoIP. We've helped businesses of all sizes and specialties transition to hosted VoIP and other internet-based phone service modes with minimal downtime, and no surprises. Find out what it would take for you to take your business to the next level with absolutely no strings attached. Call us in South Florida for a FREE needs analysis.

VoIP Phone Systems in South Florida

"VoIP." Back when you first heard of it in the mid-'90's, it was something of a mystery. Today, it's everywhere, with the exception of your business. Are you ready to make the switch? Make sure you do so with a company who has helped businesses of all sizes and types seamlessly integrate VoIP phone systems into their lives since the beginning: in South Florida, that company is South Florida VoIP. Call today to book your FREE service audit.

Experience Makes the Difference

Hosted VoIP phone service comes in many different options. If you order yours from someone who doesn't understand your businesses needs, you end up with service that doesn't work right. Hunting rollover, placing people on hold, transferring calls , being able to see who is on the phone, etc., all work differently and can send even a seasoned switchboard system operator screaming into the night. At South Florida VoIP, we understand both analog telephone service and VoIP phone service and are experts at setting up what you need, when you need it. Call today in South Florida for service throughout South Florida.

Our Process

When you call South Florida VoIP for your complimentary needs assessment, a VoIP phone system professional will come out and meet with you in person. We typically spent 10-15 minutes going over all the different features and advantages offered by the 20,000+ VoIP services providers we work with. We then determine which features you need, and get you quotes from 5 or more service providers who can meet those needs. Once you make a choice, then we get to work. 

The Installation, and Beyond

Once you have selected a service provider, South Florida VoIP will first check to make sure you have the right cable and jacks to allow the service to work. If you need additional jacks or other upgrades, we provide estimates for what these may cost. We then come out and assist you or your IT staff in installing the necessary equipment, making sure that everything works the way you want it to, and training your staff in how to use the new system. We also install SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunks for systems that must serve a wider area. 

Internet and Phone Service Specialists

Deregulation of the phone companies was supposed to make it easier for people to get the best deal on internet and phone service. Now it's more confusing than ever, and you're fairly certain you're being charged for services you don't need or use. South Florida VoIP is ready to come to your rescue! We've helped hundreds of businesses like yours throughout Southern Florida make sense of their internet and phone service, and get a better deal in the process. Call our team in South Florida today.

"Best Effort" vs. "Best Outcome"

Back in the day, internet service came via a phone line and that was the only choice you had. Now, there are more choices than you can choose from! South Florida VoIP is well-versed in them all, starting with best effort broadband coax or fiber. If checking e-mail, watching some streaming content and playing the occasional online game are all you need from your internet service at work, a "best effort" plan may suit you well. If your business relies on the internet to function on a daily basis, you need something bigger and better. Call today to determine where your business falls, FREE of charge.

The Power Players

If your business is like most these days, reliable internet service is absolutely necessary. Indeed, many businesses rely on online point-of-sale systems, transfer large files on a regular basis, or have conference calls whose participants span the globe. If this describes your business, call South Florida VoIP for a no-obligation service audit to determine which upgraded internet and phone service would allow you to serve your customers without interruption, and take care of business "behind the scenes" without a hitch, including:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): reliable and economical
  • Metro Ethernet: for optimal connectivity between corporate sites separated geographically
  • Satellite Internet: for fast, reliable internet virtually anywhere in the world
  • Wireless Internet or Wi-Fi: get work done from anywhere, free yourself from your desk  
  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching): more expensive, ideal for private Wide Area Networks
  • Microwave Internet: higher bandwidth, lower latency, often with a lower cost 

Call South Florida VoIP to learn about all your options, in terms of cost and efficiency.  

Nothing to Lose

You started your business to fulfill a need. Becoming an IT expert was never on your radar, and frankly, you don't want it to be. That's OK, because you can have your very own IT experts at your side, helping you make informed decisions about your internet and phone service, and getting it for you at the best price on the market. Call South Florida VoIP in South Florida today. Since your initial consultation costs you nothing, we're saving you money from the beginning! 

South Florida VoIP can Assist New Business Startups

Getting new phone numbers or turning your cell phone number into a land line for your business.

Getting the right internet connections at an affordable price.

Ensuring that you have the correct network cables to run your Voice/Phone/Computer networks.

All too often we speak with new business owners who were told by a service provider that they had to order phone and internet services at the same time just to get a phone number when they are still months away from actually opening. Having to order services 1-4 months before you are going to need then is just a drain on your resources. Give us a call today at 954-786-8647 one of our reps will come out and speak with you. 

Managing All Aspects

South Florida VoIP has 20+ years of experience getting business owners the services they need at affordable prices. We will always give you a straight no Bull Shit answer without wasting your time. We specialize in managing all aspect of your communications services from ordering installation and training and ensure the billing is correct, so that you can focus on opening and running your business.

We do not charge for our services as we are paid a residual commission by the internet and telephone companies.

Reliable Services

We sell the following services. Please note we take the time to explain the pros and cons of every service and strive to get you the most affordable prices on reliable services.

  •  Business Telephone Service and phone systems if you need one
  •  Highspeed Internet: both best effort like coax, broadband and Uverse as well as dedicated fiber connections like Metro Ethernet, MPLS Networks, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Point to Point, MiroWave and Satellite
  •  Hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) Cloud based feature rich service which includes Auto Attendant, Voice Mail to E mail, Time of day Call Routing, Call Recording and more.
  • SIP trunks which are kind of like VoIP but you have a brain box/control box onsite. 

Your Internet, Phone, and New Business Start Up with South Florida VoIP

Save your self the hassle of dealing with a sales rep on the phone who just wants to sell you as much stuff as they can. Give us a call we will get you the services you need when you need them.